Landscape Lighting

We can improve the value of your home with landscape lighting. Not only does landscape lighting increase your property's curb appeal, it also improves its safety and its security. Landscape lighting adds evening beauty to your landscape and it increases the degree of security by eliminating the shadowy areas on your property. By outlining the path and steps to your front door, landscape lighting also increases personal safety.

Every successful landscape lighting project begins with a well-thought-out plan. Beginning with a survey of your property to decide the location of each light fixture based on the details of your personal landscape. Once we have created a plan, you would select the type of light fixtures to be installed at each location.

You can select between manual control of the light or timer control. Most transformers provide for a combination of manual control with either photoelectric-eye control or timer control. With the photoelectric control the lights come on at dusk and turn off at dawn. The timer control allows you to set the on and off times. The manual override allows you to turn them on at will.

John installed a patio for us last summer. He did such a good job taking our ideas and concepts and transforming them into the project of our dreams! Everything turned out as planned, and on schedule! I definitely recommend Mason Enterprises to anyone! Tom from Simsbury